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Ethan Wilson



Ethan wilson is a

los angeles-based

fine-art, portraiture, photojournalist 


Since the day he could walk, Ethan held a camera in his hands that served as his journal to document his life’s adventures.

Embarking on an award-winning career in Hollywood as a producer in the Entertainment Industry, Ethan worked on a wide-range of promotional material of every kind, including Trailers and TV Campaigns for movies, like “Pulp Fiction,” and original content for TV shows, like “Sons of Anarchy.”

In 2016, Ethan became a Director of Photography with the International Cinematographers Guild,   Local 600.

Combining Fine Art, Portraiture and Photojournalism, "Chapter Stops" is a series of the story-behind-the-story -- visuals both in black and white and color similar to life itself. Each image is a narrative echo of stark and color-filled inner journeys of two distinct worlds -- the U.S. and Brazil. Living in both countries with his family, they are reflections of Ethan’s reality and of the duality he has chosen to preserve through his lens -- from life's breathtaking beginnings through the pathos that lead to the very end. His work is more than just an amalgamation of memories but rather his passion/paixão for capturing life’s most defining moments.


When I look back upon my past, the release of my shutter is my crônica/chronicle.
— Ethan Wilson